NKXGEN Educational Services is a Vizag based Training & Development Company, since 1997, passionate about helping people discover and hone their skills. We specialize in imparting Technical Educations predominantly into Core IT, IOT & Electronics, BPM & KPO, Soft Skills, Fine Arts…, Product / Solution Development, Knowledge Services backed with deep commitment in building the Next Generation - more thoughtful and responsible. Our learning approach is a blend of Classroom Training, Corporate Training, Online Learning, Project Support with an outstanding team providing deep insight through sessions, case studies, real-time examples with a passion towards building a talent pool skilled with industry’s trending needs. Our strong back-bone being the multi-faceted expertise comprising of 20+years into Integrated Software Solutions & Knowledge-driven Educational Services. NKXGEN has the edge in delivering the content and matter across the length & breadth of the industry preferred skill sets and hence the preferred learner’s destiny!


  • Industry Orientation
  • Latest Trending Courses
  • Unmatched Content
  • Real-Time Experts as Mentors
  • In-depth Training Provided
  • Preferred Corporate Trainers
  • Expert & Qualified Mentors
  • Placement Assistance through NC

Insightful Learning

NKXGEN aims in providing an insightful training & specializes in providing a comprehensive, methodical way of learning the courses. WE provide, clear-cut subject with detailed concepts explained to the core and help you get a complete grip and implementation idea on whichever courses you opt for. Our Skilled Faculty conduct the Courses, guide you through the Lectures, demos, case-studies, problem-solving methodologies, logic - building abilities, thereby honing you become Technically competent & analytically strong. With NKXGEN one can acquire skills that transform your abilities smoothly from the classroom-experience to the workplace challenges.

Core IT

NKXGEN since its inception, has been into Core IT training as it provides all the courses needed from novice to enterprise level software-related courses from legacy to rececnt industry courses. We excel and command in this domain as we belive in delivering the concepts in-depth with insightful learning.We provide Professional and Quality training into IT. The Core IT Training that you gain from us, is the foundation stone for any of the advanced courses you would want to opt for you career. . We lay such a strong foundation through our core IT courses, that one can decide very well the career path ahead.Our courses are so designed, that you can get a clarity on what you are learning and what you want to achieve and where you would want to settle in your career ahead.

Electronics & IOT

The focus is to build necessary skills for managing the electronics components which are vital components of any IoT gadget or solution. Our courseware helps you learn the scope of the IoT, and reveal underlying principles and architecture of its networks, devices, programming, data, and many more. Our training includes basics of electronics, such as EMBEDDED & VLSI, OS MINI, ARM, MICROCONTROLLERS & OTHERS and knowledge of automation and more. Our training will give you in-depth insight to the promising world of Electronics & IoT.Businesses are increasingly interested in leveraging insights derived from data to gain value creation.


We offer BPM & KPO related Learning programs that capitalize your companies business. NKXGEN courses focus on cross-industry roles for BPM & KPO industries. NKXGEN offers BPM & KPO specific trainings with utmost focus on making your business a global presence. We offer a range of courses also with a stress on market needs.

WE take up various BPM & KPO relevant courses that help you groom in these industries and build a career of your choice. It is a learning experience of developing young talent to become successful leaders of tomorrow that is inherent in all of our training programmes.

Soft Skills

With the importance of Soft skill development in people performing at the highest positions in corporates, every entrepreneur, now across globe lay importance on the Soft Skill Trainings for employees / leaders. NKXGEN offers customized learning system depending upon unique and emphasized organizational needs. Our offerings reflect our focus - continuous innovation and making a positive difference.

The extensive practical training provided by Soft Skills training equips live and practical simulations. Such detailed Soft Skills course helps students secure jobs in various MNCs.

Fine Arts

WE have started up with yet another most exciting courses, into Fine Arts, that adds colors to your ideas and brings life to your imaginations. Welcome to the world of Fine Arts, which brings all your imaginations and ideas under one-roof and takes the talent of new, younger and aspiring generations to a newer and lively world of Fine Arts - which is one of the most happening careers in recent times!

WE bring-in the Live and Real Time Artists,who are renowned and very much promising in the Fine Arts. They are very much in demand and highly talented Artists. WE have the highest privilege to make you all learn from such expert Artists...

Placement Support

NKXGEN provides placement support for all the passionate and dynamic career aspirants. This is the one-stop-point wherein you can seek for your career opportunities and also learn the best from our Experts that industries seek from you through NKXGEN Consulting (www.nkxgenconsulting.com)! Our placement support is open for one & all. We cater placement support for Software/Finance & Accounts/BPO/Any Professional Graduates / Regular Graduates.