Description :  Exclusive Career-oriented course designed to make you an expert in using PHP & MySQL and learn all that is required to create real world web applications with PHP & MySQL.

Prerequisite :  Person with basic programming knowledge & Basics of database.

Session1: Web Applications

Session2: Php Intro

Session3: First Program

Session4: php language

Session5: Php Web Forms

Session6: Session Tracking

Session7: Session Tracking

Session8: Mysql Intro

Session9: MY SQL...

Session10: MySql -Advanced

Session11: Php-MySql

Session12: Java Script

Session13: Java Script..

Session14: Reading XML from php

Session15: Simple XML Api

Session16: Asynchronous Applns

Session17: Php-Ajax

Session18: Php-Ajax..

Session19: Php-ODBC

Session20: Php-ODBC..

Session21: OOP with PHP

Session22: OOP with PHP..

Session23: OOP with PHP..

Session24: PDO

Session25: PDO..

Session26: Multilayer Model

Session27: MVC

Session28: Files

Session29: Socket API

Session30: Mailing

Session31: Mailing & Hosting

Session32: Hosting & Deployments

Session33: CMS & Frameworks

Session34: CMS Tools Overview

Session35: YII Framework Overview