Software Testing &Tools

Description : To become good, tough & a challenging Tester, one has to be associated with Testing which is a critical phase of Software Development Life Cycle. Manual testing is the process in which the defects are identified, isolated, fixed and ensure that the product is defect-free, in-order to produce quality product. You will require the necessary knowledge about different types of manual testing, software development life cycle.

Prerequisite : Minimum Knowledge of Software Dvelopment Life Cycle.

Duration : 40 sessions.


S1:Application Overview

S2:Introduction to Testing
S3:SDLC Models
S4:Pratical SDLC
S5:Agile Practices
S6:Types of Testing
S7:Testing Levels
S8:Software Test Life Cycle
S9:Test Case Development
S10:Test Data Design Process
S11:TDD Design Case Study
S12:Bug Tracking

S13:Case Study Project
S14:Case Study Project

S15:Software Configuration Mgmt

Automated Testing

S16:A.T Overview S17:Actions
S18:Vb Script
S19:Vb Script..
S21:Data Driven Testing
S22:Data Driven Testing..
S23:Adv Checkpoints

S24:Descriptive Programming

S25:Descriptive Programming.. S26:Adv Web Appln Testing
S27:Case Study
S28:Case Study..
S29:Test Automation Frameworks

Load Runner

S31:Introduction to L.R
S32:Load Runner Architecure
S33:Creating Scenarios
S34:Co-relation Analyzer
S35:Case Study