Description :  Enables to interact with the Applications namely web-based,Enterprise applications. This helps you divide the application into the model,view and controller thereby designing the application supporting rich infrastructure and routing.

Prerequisite :  Person with basic programming knowledge in any language like C. Knowledge in C# is a plus.

Session 1: Introduction

Session 2: Architecture

Session 3: Getting Started

Session 4: Controllers & Actions

Session 5: Views

Session 6: Routes & URL’s

Session 7: HTML Helpers

Session 8: Model Binders

Session 9: Areas

Web services & Callbacks

Session 11: MVC with EF

Session 12: Annotations & Validations

Session 13: MVC with JQuery & Ajax

MVC Session 14: State Management

MVC Session 15: Authentication & Authorization

Session 16: Authentication & Authorization

Session 17: Web API

Session 18: Web API with MVC

Session 19: Web aPI Contd..

Session 20:Cloud Overview