C Language

Description :   Anyone who has Passion towards programming and wants a career into development, needs this language as it lays the foundation and stepping stone towards programming & development.

Prerequisite : knowledge on computers & software.

Session 1: Introduction

Session 2: Simple Program

Session 3: System Basics

Session 4: Data Types

Session 5: Operators

Session 6: Operators..contd

Session 7: Input & Output

Session 8: If & Switch..case

Session 9: Loops

Session 10: Loops...

Session 11: Loops..

Session 12: Arrays

Session 13: Arrays...

Session 14: Strings

Session 15: Functions

Session 16: Functions...

Session 17: Scopes & Extent

Session18: Structures

Session19: Structures

Session20: Unions

Session21: Pointers

Session22: Pointers....

Session23: Pointers to Arrays

Session24: Pointers to Functions

Session25: Pointers to Structures

Session26: Pointers to Pointers

Session27: Sorting Examples

Session28: Function Pointers

Session29: Dynamic Memory Allocation

Session30: Files

Session31: Files

Session32: Case Study