MS -SQL Server My SQL

Description :  Its one of the most powerful way of managing the database information.The SQL Server helps you provides a way to create databases, generating transaction over different sql servers.

Prerequisite :  Basic Idea on SQL / DB.


Session2: Sql Server Environment

Session3: SQL Server Tools..

Session4: SQL Commands..

Session5:Simple Selects

Session6: Sql Functions

Session7:Sql Functions


Session9:Transactions & Locks

Session10: Sub Queries

Session11: Joins

Session12: Joins.. Contd.

Session13: Select Statement with misc

Session14:Table Expressions

Session15: Views

Session16: Indexes, Clusters & Schemas

Session17: XML

Session18: Adv T-Sql

T-SQL Batch Programming

Session19: Introduction

Session20: T-Sql Programming

Session21: SQL & Dyanamic SQL

Session22: Exception Handling

Session23: Stored Procedures & UDF


Session25: Cursors..

Session26: Triggers


Session28: Miscellaneous