NKXGEN since its inception, has been into Core IT training as it provides all the courses needed from novice to enterprise level Core IT courses from legacy to rececnt industry courses. We excel and command in this domain as we believe in delivering the concepts in-depth with insightful learning. We provide Professional and Quality training into IT. The Core IT Training that you gain from us, is the foundation stone for any of the advanced courses you would want to opt for you career. We lay such a strong foundation through our core IT courses, that one can decide very well the career path ahead. Our courses are so designed, that you can get a clarity on what you are learning and what you want to achieve and where you would want to settle in your career ahead.


Our highly trained and experienced Technical team of Trainers can serve to any kind of in-house / College / Institute, Corporate and Individual Training needs, whether it is Technologies (like C/C++, Java / J2EE, Net, ASP.net MVC,PHP, Node.js, Angular.js etc.), Databases (MS SQL Server, etc.) and all the latest trending courses including, Hadoop, Python,Selenium, Android and so on., wherein our teachings and trainings are endless.


We hone your skills with clear-cut explanations of the concepts, help you understand the concepts by giving live case-studies and see that the concepts delivered are clearly understood by oneand all. Our focus always remains in making sure that you all learn the technical aspects, strong in fundamentals and thereby making your journey easier to understand any complex technology that descends into the market. Experts demonstrate to-the-point subject matter in the sessions and also see that more examples are discussed and timely doubts are clarified. We provide all the necessary booklets, hand-outs to make your learning more interesting and easier.


Faculty team at NKXGEN are experts in training and are technically proficient. Faculties are well experienced with the Core IT courses. It is a tremendous opportunity to gain knowledge from their experience.

Few of the key Strengths of our Team:

  • Technically Proficient
  • Trained Professionals with expertise in Latest Technologies
  • In-depth Knowledge in our Latest Technologies
  • Keen to Support Student and foster interest in new technologies


  • In-depth & In-sightful Learning
  • Learn From Basic to Advanced Courses
  • Professional Training
  • Training on Latest Concepts
  • Train you On Latest version of Technologies
  • We bridge the gap between Campus Syllabus and Industry requirements
  • Real-time case-studies as training examples
  • Multiple practise sessions to build strong foundation.