NKXGEN offers an inclusive Soft Skills training. The extensive practical training provided by Soft Skills training equips live and practical simulations. Such detailed Soft Skills course helps students secure jobs in various MNCs. The trainers sre subject matter specialists & corporate professionals providing in-depth study in Soft Skills courses. Our team of Faculties are predominantly into the soft skill training with more than a decades experience and few among them are almost close to 16 to 18+years of Experince as well. By giving the right inputs, we can bring the workforce up the learning curve in a fast, cost-effective and timely manner. Our Trainig modules covers for beginners, intermediates and experts. Whether you are a college student, I.T professional or any working professional, we offer best training environment,veteran Soft Skills trainers and flexible training schedules for entire modules. WE help save learning time and also help build and refine a company's workforce, leading to operational excellence and an improvement in the use of English at work.


Our courseware targets to hone individuals to enterprise level. We take tmost care in designing the courseware by sitting with our expert faculty tie and tailor the courseware in a way wherein it fits one and all from all walks of life! NKXGEN here, deploys the specialized and expert trainers from real-time industry and they take utmost care in making you learn all the industry required skills.


Every individual is closely monitored and case studies are given to practice and during sessions, activities are taken up by the Faculties, thereby making sure that you are able to implement the skills beingt taught. Sessions that are taught are later validated in your activites as well as timely exams are conducted to ensure the progress of your learning ladder. Faculties engage the students in live scenaros , they conduct as andwhen needed the Group discussions to ensure that the speaking skills are enhanced and activites conducted in between the sessions remove the stage fear from within you and also help in improving your reading and writing skills.


Faculty team at NKXGEN are Industry Experts & Corporate Trainers who are proficient and well-versed for more than a decade expertise. Faculties with lot of exposure and tremendous industry expertise help you hone the dynamics of course in a well-tailored manner. Learning from industry experts itself is a real-time hands-on.

Few of the key Strengths of our Team:

  • Industry Experts
  • Skilled Professionals with expertise in Latest Industry Trends
  • In-depth Knowledge in our Latest Enterprise needs
  • Keen to foster Soft Skills


  • In-depth & In-sightful Learning
  • Learn From Basic to Advanced Courses
  • Professional Training
  • We hone you on Industry requirements
  • Real-time case-studies as Activities
  • Multiple practise sessions to build strong foundation