For the First time ever in the City of Destiny, NKXGEN Fine Arts Division(NTICER), takes pride in introducing the FINE ARTS Courses, yet another such Finest Courseware under its hood. Fine Arts, though is known to all of us since ancient India, but in recent times, its various popular forms of Arts have come into more prevelance. Realizing the interest among the mass and the wonderful career opportunities it offers, we at NKXGEN, have come up to introduce you all with this course of FINE ARTS to all of you. Recognizing the growing importance that is being accorded to Fine Arts by many Organizations & Universities, NKXGEN is coming up with an array of FINE ARTS courses that help you all to gain greater and valued exposure from Renowned Artists. Learners keen to build a career in this segment, can opt for various courses under this courseware to improve their career prospects. AS FINE ARTS is also becoming the new career of choice for those who want to work in a cutting-edge domain. It is among the most well paid careers as also among the most fascinating jobs! FINE ARTS is a coveted option today and those who invest in it are likely to remain on the track of Success!
Welcome to the world of Fine Arts, which brings all your imaginations and ideas under one-roof and takes the talent of new, younger and aspiring generations to a newer and lively world of Fine Arts - which is one of the most happening careers of recent times!

One Place for all Fine Arts!

NKXGEN is the only 'one-stop-point' where FINE ART seeks a connection not only within the Artist & Learner but with each other. We provide the best curriculum with unique camaraderie of FINE ART classes between both the Artists & the Learners! A place where Experienced, Renowned Artists teach and their experiences reflect in your resulting learnings. With the wide spectrum of FINE ARTS, the study aims at fine-tuning the creative abilities of the Learner. This very nature makes it an adaptable subject, providing plenty of scope to apply this creative aspect into various areas like Drawing, Painting, Print Making, Sculpture, Crafts and so on... Considering all these categories of FINE ARTS, we at NKXGEN, put in all the efforts and are here to make you future-ready under one-roof.

Renowned Artists of the City

WE bring-in the Live and Real Time Artists,who are Renowned and one of the top-notch promising Artists in the field of Fine Arts. Our Artists are dedicated & highly talented professionals, ready to do what ever it takes to make your creative world grow. NKXGEN takes pride in honing your skills from such Expert Artisits and make your dream career start with us! WE provide you the Aura and ambience that helps you learn all the necessary Artistic skills in-depth. We help you groom in a way wherein you exhibit your Artistic Talent to the outside world and gain accolades.

Are you Passionate of Learning Art?

Do you want a break from the regular career building pattern and want to refresh your brain skills? Passionate about giving shape to your ideas? color your ideas? Spice up your learning with NKXGEN way of easy-to –learn lessons exclusively for Art maniacs with our renowned Artists, a daily dose of tutorials from the experts. Learn the lessons ranging from drawing, sculpture to crafts with a multitude of tricks and techniques under our Expert Artists!! We are diverse, welcoming, accepting and passionate about being the best we can be. Join us to make your FINE ARTS learning experience for a life-time, and for a strong creative foundation of your future.
We are a Fine Arts training providers and Art seekers offering well furnished art knowledge. We welcome art toddlers, lacking the basic art skills, and nourish them into an artist with our impactful inspiration and their interest for learning. You will certainly gain ultimate artistic techniques from novice to advanced from our Expert Artists specialized with BFA/MFA Degree. Ultimately, we ensure that you get an opportunity to learn the Artistic skills under specialized & renowned Artists. Most importantly, you gain a platform where you would be able to showcase your talent under the most experienced artists to guide and enlighten you with the knowledge of FINE ARTS.
What are you waiting for? Join us with your passion to learn and walk out with the knowledge gained with confidence!

NKXGEN Fine Arts Division(NTICER)

One Place to Learn Various Fine Arts:
  • Drawing
  • Painting
  • Print Making
  • Sculpture
  • Crafts


  • In-depth & In-sightful Learning
  • Artists as Trainers with BFA/MFA Degree Specialization
  • Renowned & Real-time Artists
  • Conduct Workshops
  • Opportunity to Exhibit the Works